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Bringing residents together
to address the housing crisis in Watertown

We are an independent, grassroots group focused on expanding housing availability and affordability in Watertown. 


We envision a future of abundant housing options for individuals and families at every income level and stage of life in a diverse, sustainable community.

Our mission is to build a broad coalition of residents who will advance local policies and projects that expand housing options for all. We seek solutions to current housing challenges to improve the quality of life for all current and future community members.


It’s becoming harder and harder to remain a member of this community. ​ 


Every year, rising rents force more working families out while middle class and even affluent neighbors can’t afford to purchase a home, never mind expand their families.  


Those looking to downsize after retirement, or hoping to age with dignity in the city they love, can’t find homes that work for them.​ 


Young people driven away, families in financial distress, longtime residents exiled from their hometown: this is the face of the housing crisis in Watertown.   


It is a dilemma that threatens our well-being, economic futures, and our community. It is also a challenge that we can rise to overcome, together.​

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